Fourth Marines Band: "Last China Band"
December 7, 1941
Imperial Japan Attacks U.S.

United States Marine Corps defending the Philippine Islands at Bataan and Corregidor against Imperial Japanese Army landing immediately following the attack by the Imperial Navy of Japan against the United States Navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941.
U.S. Marines in 1939
Pre-World War II
(Peking), China
Color Film of
the Forbidden City
and an Imperial
Japanese Army Officer
Begin the Beguine
Artie Shaw
YouTube Video
Shanghai, China
28 November, 1941

The United States Marine Corps Fourth Regiment Band marching in Shanghai, China only ten days before the December 7, 1941 attack by the Imperial Navy of Japan against the United States Navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and entry of the United States into World War II.

Shanghai, China
September, 1941
Shanghai, China
28 November, 1941

Troops of the First Battalion, Fourth Marines march down Nanking Road, on their way to the quays of the Whangpoo River preparatory to embarking on U. S. President Line ships for the Philippine Islands. The Marines share the crowded streets with examples of every mode of transportation available.
The troops are carrying “Heavy Marching Order” packs topped with neatly blocked campaign hats, armed with Springfield 1903 rifles at the left shoulder. Beneath each hat is the standard issue foul weather gear called a “pancho” and entrenching tool. At the head of this column pictured, the Fourth Marines Band can be seen breaking out into brighter sunlight. This proved to be a false foreboding as this historic field band would cease to be one in only ten more days.

Shanghai, China
28 November, 1941
Birds eye view of quay(s) on the banks of the Whangpoo River, the port of Shanghai during the farewell of the Fourth Marines as it prepares to leave the International Settlement.
Throngs of people are seen gathered among the limousines of the world’s diplomatic, consular force and business firms watching troops of the First Battalion arrive led by the Fourth Marines Band (note: Sousaphone base horns just to left of picture center). Plainly seen in the line of march carrying a large banner are elements of Shanghai’s Volunteer Defense Force wearing kilts and playing bag pipes. Shortly after this resounding, amazing and confusing send off, the Marines departed for the Philippines ending their duty in Shanghai after many years.
World War II in the Pacific
December 7, 1941
Imperial Japan Attacks
U.S. at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Landing Vehicle Tracked
United States Marine Corps
1952 TV Program
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